Cultural Identity Crisis

Last week, a guy who will remain nameless because he probably made a racist joke he'd rather you not know about, and I had a drink together.  Or, I had 4 and he had...I don't know how many.  Then I had sex with a Persian.  Who, to be fair, bought me tequila.

Today, I interviewed a girl who asked told me I looked really familiar.  She asked me if I had a sister named something I can't remember...I asked her if this girl was Persian.  The answer was yes.

I have a profile floating around the internets where the last question is "You'd never guess..." Which I answered "not Persian."

I love me some Persians.  Seriously, see the first paragraph.  But for the record, I is not one.  Thank you for playing.


BurgandySkies said...

My best friend from grade school is Persian, and people always think she's Brazilian.

H.Wood said...

You're not really mistaken for Persian until you're searched at the airport.

Ghetto Photo Girl said...

BS: I flirted with a Brazilian chef today. He's opening a restaurant on the Hermosa pier this weekend. Go check him out, it'll be worth the drive. Food was good too!

Woody: it happened to my mom.