Where is Smokey the Bear?

I think I finally found a template I'm happy with, but editing the header has proven to be more difficult than necessary. So that will have to wait.

In other news, California is on fire again. It seems to get worse and worse every year. I went out to Santa Monica last night to party with other Bruins and watch us finally win one. The air out there is usually much cleaner, given its proximity to the ocean. Not so much last night. It was just as bad as where I live, which is much too close for comfort to one of the fires.

But I was out, and after a full 5 days chained to my bed because of a cold, it was nice to be anywhere but home. I kept my ratio of water to bourbon at a tolerable 52:1. That's right, I had 2 glasses of spirits over 5 hours and 104 glasses of water in between. So why do I still feel like hell?

Oh right, the world is on fire. Well then, carry on.


SkookumJoe said...

No wonder the place is on fire, you drank all the bloody water