Another New Read

Social networking will more than likely get you in trouble. And we all know I'm all for trouble.

Which is why you should read the stuff Mutha Mae puts out. One day, she's going to be famous and I can take credit for introducing her to you. I met her while networking socially, via this really cool device called the internetses. You should try it.

Plus she has twins from two different countries. How awesome is that? Even the Krazy Mommy, who is pretty rad in her own right, can't say her twins are from different countries. Or uteri, for that matter.



SkookumJoe said...

your blog list is getting too long. I'm changing my name to AAAA Joe

Mutha Mae said...

Hey how cool! Thank you for the kindness! Famous?! You have a lot of confidence in me.I'm not even famous on the internet. Yet. Muah hah hah. Eh. As long as I can keep making my videos, I'll be happy. Thank you again for the shout out!

Ghetto Photo Girl said...

Skooky, don't be jealous. You're still my favorite.

MM: I'm all about promoting coolness on the internetses!

SkookumJoe said...

you probably say that to all your paranoid-drug-addled canadian-australian fictional-primate-army-leading admirers.